New SS10B Series Broadcast Spreaders

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Key Features
  • All steel hopper
  • PTO-driven
  • 3 different spread patterns always available
  • iMatchTM compatible

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Power take-off (PTO) driven broadcast spreaders
Broadcast spreaders are PTO drivenBroadcast spreaders are PTO driven
Close-up viewClose-up view

The SS10B and SS20B Series Broadcast Spreaders are both PTO driven:

  • Compatible with tractors ranging from 11.9 kW (16 hp) to 41 kW (55 hp)
  • Equipped with 540-rpm PTO and a sealed, heavy-duty gearbox containing extreme pressure (EP) grade grease.
Hopper strong enough for rough handling and heavy use
All-steel hopper endures rough and heavy useAll-steel hopper endures rough and heavy use
Inside view of SS10B Series HopperInside view of SS10B Series Hopper

The one-piece, seamless, all-steel hoppers are strong enough to endure rough handling and heavy use.

Swath control levers available to accommodate various tasks
Ground-driven controlsGround-driven controls

Different swath spread patterns are available so the broadcast spreader can accommodate various tasks with precision and efficiency.


All broadcast spreaders allow three different swath spread patterns:

  • Predominantly left
  • Predominantly right
  • Left to right
Hitching capabilities maximize operation time
Compatible with 3-point hitch systemsCompatible with 3-point hitch systems
iMatch makes attachment time quick and easy iMatch makes attachment time quick and easy

The SS20B Series Broadcast Spreaders are compatible with tractors featuring Category 0 (only SS1036B and SS2036B) and Category 1 3-point hitches.


The optional iMatch™ quick-htich compatibility (only SS1067B and SS2067B) makes attachment time quick and easy, maximizing operation time.


NOTE: If this option is chosen, the broadcast spreader must be specified to the factory as iMatch.